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Office ergonomic consultations involve the assessment of work stations/sites in order to evaluate for worker safety and exposure to risk of injury – whether acute or due to chronic repetition. Since we live in a computer-driven society, a plethora of repetitive-strain injuries have become commonplace and Dr. Strudwick is available to assess the ‘ergonomic health’ of your workplace and make recommendations to remedy the situation and aid in increasing employee health and productivity.

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The aim of a consultation is to identify potential risk and minimize its potential for occurrence, however, we live in the real world and not all risk can be eliminated nor accounted for so there is always the potential for an injury to occur. Having said that, steps can be taken to mitigate this occurring. Government offices have recognized the importance of keeping their office workers healthy and private industry is following their lead now as well. With the movement to home-based work for many people, the home office is equally important to be set-up properly due to the amount of time spent there. Standing desks are readily available and can be found at all office supply stores or on-line venues. Even relatively short periods spent on a laptop in bed or at the dining table are not recommended as it tends to become habit-forming.

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