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What to Expect On Your 1st Visit

First, we will go over your medical and case history that will aid in diagnosis of your condition. If you’ve had an x-ray, MRI or CT scan done I can go over them at this time.

Next, you will be given a physical, orthopedic and neurologic exam to determine the nature of your problem.

Later, following treatment, an individualized treatment plan will be devised to remedy your problem and you will be given advice to help prevent its recurrence.


We’re here daily and open Saturday too

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Get Well, Stay Well

Looking for how to relieve neck or back pain? Our mission is to help get you feeling good again and keep you there. We believe that anyone can get healthy with a treatment program tailored for you that uses the latest patient-centred and evidence-based approaches.

Dr. Strudwick has been in practice as a chiropractor in Victoria since 1998 and prior to that attained his B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Victoria. He has made it a priority to attend seminars continually over the years in order to stay current on the latest treatment methods and scientifically-valid options. Having completed training in Amsterdam and Oxford, he is one of only three chiropractors in Victoria to hold an ICSC (International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic) through the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, a body whose mandate is to train, and provide standards, for chiropractors working at top athletic events worldwide.

He is also certified in both the Functional Movement System (Level 1) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Level 1) since he believes – and has found in practice – that next to injury, faulty movement patterns are often the cause of pain and discomfort for many. (Click on the link for info on the FMS  Functional Movement System ). Likewise with the Titleist Performance Institute’s Level 1, and Medical Level 2, he has taken extra training to understand golf swing characteristics, how they come about and how to minimize them with rehab and treatment.


Sports chiropractor

Dealing with neck pain and back pain issues is what many people see him for, however, shoulder injuries, wrist and hand pain, and hip pain complaints are commonplace as well.

Dr. Strudwick manages Saanich Centre Chiropractic Plus, a multi-disciplinary healthcare office with chiropractic, registered massage therapy and acupuncture. You can find out more at

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TPI certifiied


physiotherapy Victoria, B.C.


SFMA certified


In Accordance with the Public Health Officer’s Directive of May 14, 2020, we issue the following:

As patients/clients of our office, we want you to know that your health and safety is our primary concern. For that reason, after a 3-week shutdown in April, then another month of working on a part-time basis for only urgent/emergent care, we are now back to our regular hours, but in a reduced capacity, to ensure your safety.

All callers to our office are screened to determine if we may see them and temperature checked upon arrival. We have a pulse oximeter as well to check oxygen saturation if we feel it is necessary. In addition to limiting the number of daily appointments, we have reduced the number of chairs in our waiting area and ask that you arrive as near your appointment time as possible so that you will not have to wait. If you wish, you may wait in your car until your appointment and we can call you when it is time to come up to the office. We will attempt to move patients to a treatment room as soon as possible to minimize contact with others. Our practitioners have masks and do a thorough cleaning after your visit of all surfaces in the treatment rooms in-between patients.  The POS machine is sanitized after each patient and the reception area desk is also done regularly. We do a deep clean of ALL surfaces at lunch and the end of the day.

Your health is our priority and we will do all we can to ensure your safe visit with us.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic, myofascial release, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, laser therapy, kinesiology taping, prescription shoe orthotics, rehab, functional movement assessment, ergonomic and nutrition advice.

We also have registered massage therapists and an acupuncturist on-site.

Not sure if we can help? A no-obligation consultation can be scheduled for you.

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I have been attending Dr.Strudwick since 1998, on a once monthly maintenance program and I can only say positive statements about him. In 1959 I was completely incapacitated and unable to even turn in bed. After that, until I met Dr. Strudwick I have had ten different chiropractors; both competent and incompetent men. Dr. Strudwick is friendly, concerned with my welfare, in addition to my well being. With him, my adjustments are painless and done efficiently so I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly qualified chiropractor.

Dr. Strudwick has been my Chiropractor in Victoria for many years. He’s been a god-send for me. I see him frequently, followed by his in-office massage therapist, Noelle Jones (also wonderful), to help manage chronically painful muscles and joints, and the resulting headaches and mobility issues I now suffer with since being injured in multiple car accidents. I also have joint hyper-mobility, which requires I be treated by people who are knowledgeable of that condition. Dr. Strudwick is amongst the very few people I’ve seen (out of a long list of doctors and therapists), who was able to provide me with a consistent level of pain relief.

We have been going to Dr. Strudwick ever since we’ discovered him’ about 8 year ago. Due to severe back problems I have needed help from his profession for over 40 years. Dr. Strudwick is absolutely the best and most knowledgeable chiropractor in Victoria I have ever found. Would highly recommend him.

Dr. Strudwick is a true professional. Very courteous and really knows how to make me feel at ease. Dr. Strudwick took away from my pain cause by a ruptured disk leading to moderate sciatica. He gave me my life back pain free. I would highly recommend Dr.Strudwick.

I was hesitant to try a new chiropractor after some previous experiences. A friend recommended Dr. Strudwick to me and I’m very happy that I took their advice. He took time to listen and explained very clearly the follow up exercises that I should do. I’ll definitely recommend him to other friends.

So What To Do?

If you’re wanting to just try a few exercises and manage your pain that way for now, that’s fine. Dr. Stuart McGill is a spinal biomechanics researcher who has come-up with what are known as the “McGill Big 3.” These exercises have been found to specifically target the core muscles of the low back and abdomen while at the same time minimizing strain on the discs and joints. Click here for more info!

If you want to see a short video of these exercises explained by Dr. McGill, himself, click below:

McGill Big 3 Exercises


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