What Is Chiropractic?

So what is chiropracticchiropractic in Victoria? Chiropractic is both a science and an art. The science is based on the premise that the nervous system controls all the other systems and physiological functions of the human body, and any interference with it will cause impairment elsewhere in the body. The art of chiropractic involves the adjustment (or manipulation) of the affected joint (usually in the spine, but most joints may be adjusted as well) to restore proper motion and relieve any restriction that is causing the symptoms.

Chiropractors do not incorporate drugs in rendering care. The corrective adjustment is our primary tool, with counseling in exercise, body mechanics and nutrition playing a role as well. Chiropractors recognize that health is not merely the absence of pain, but optimal function, which is determined by: our nervous system (controls and coordinates) proper nutrition (nourishes all systems) and exercise (strengthens all systems). All three of these factors interplay to keep us healthy, and therefore all three must be addressed to ensure one receives proper care.

The principles upon which the science of chiropractic is based, can be traced to the earliest physicians of antiquity. These principles were known and practiced by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and other noted physicians of ancient Greece and Rome. Descriptions of this method of treating bodily ills are also to be found in the ancient manuscripts of the Egyptians, Hindus and Chinese. Lost for centuries, the principles of this system of practice were rediscovered and organized by Dr. Daniel David Palmer (a Canadian) in 1895 and named ‘chiropractic’- a composite of the Greek words ‘cheir’ and ‘praktikos’, meaning , ‘done by hand’.

The correction of faulty body mechanics forms the essence of the chiropractor’s work. Our bodies are constructed upon sound mechanical principles, and any deviation from this, particularly in the spine, can interfere with the body’s normal processes. Decades of research have backed up not only chiropractic’s efficacy but also its cost-effectiveness. So what is chiropractic? It’s the branch of healthcare that realizes that structure dictates function, it’s as simple as that.

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