IASTM, or instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, is a soft tissue technique that has several aspects and uses. There is more than one IASTM technique and Dr. Strudwick uses FAKTR (Functional And Kinetic Treatment with Rehab) because he believes that the principles it incorporates can be used for a myriad of situations and since there is a progression in the treatment – treatment changes as the patient progresses – it is the most effective and will produce recovery in the shortest time possible. FAKTR was developed by Drs. Tom Hyde and Gregory Doerr, two American chiropractors with extensive knowledge and experience in patient and high-level athlete care.

Fascia is the connective tissue that encapsulates and provides a framework for muscle. It can become tight and restricted due to various reasons and can cause injury due to that, or it may impede proper motion which will result in an injury. FAKTR treatment involves the use of stainless steel tools to release fascial adhesions that can be restricting movement. There are other facets to its use, but that is the most common. The IASTM tool is stroked along the skin at the desired depth (this depends upon the treatment goal) back and forth several times until the desired effect is accomplished. Treatment time is variable depending on the size of the treatment area and desired outcome.

For more info on FAKTR check out the following video of Dr. Doerr explaining his technique:

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