Core Exercises for Back Pain


Dr. Stuart McGill is an authority on spinal biomechanics and has modified spinal core exercises for back pain in order to receive maximum benefit.  Dr. McGill is an instructor and researcher at the Univeristy of Waterloo in Canada and due to his work, has created a reputation for himself as one of the premier researchers who can be mentioned in the same breath as others who have done biomechanical research as well, such as Panjabi, Bogduk and Janda. His work has helped to prove the efficacy of chiropractic care and has also aided in the modification of  core exercises so that minimal stress is placed upon the intervertebral discs and attempts to activate the stabilizing muscles in the safest way possible. He has become a sought-after lecturer by health-care providers of all stripes for his insightful research. Below is a video that shows you 3 of the key core exercises you can do anywhere that will help stabilize your low back.

Adding stabilizing exercises to an exercise routine should be a part of everyone’s fitness program as they require specific movements that are not often accomplished in most sports nor in lifting weights.



Dr. Mark Strudwick is a third-generation chiropractor in Victoria, B.C.


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