Conditions treated by chiropractors are many and varied. People tend to associate our work with low backs and necks, but it is much more than that. The synovial joints in our spine are the same as those throughout the body such as in the ankle, knee, and joints of the shoulder, so these can be adjusted as well to restore proper mobility. Some chiropractors will even work with the sutures of the skull in very young children to address unique conditions that can respond to this type of care.Back Pain

Many chiropractors have anecdotal evidence of helping those with ear infections and asthma – the theory being that the lymphatics are allowed to drain properly when there is less surrounding neck tension and also stimulation of the immune system and improved mobility of the thoracic spine therefore physically and neurologically-unemcumbered lung function, respectively.

Anecdotal evidence for certain conditions aside, much research has been produced over the decades, and continues to be produced, for the conditions we see the most of: low back pain, disc pain, headache and neck pain.


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