Chiropractic Skeletons (pardon the pun)

Here’s a really interesting article on chiropractic skeletons that many may not know the origin of.  The presence of fringe technique systems and how they incorporate principles of religion to bring people in…and keep them there! Similar to early medicine, early chiropractic did not have the benefit of the scientific method and some of the beliefs and rationalizations, particularly in regards to the use of x-ray, share similar methods with religion. These methods still persist to this day in some corners of the profession and unfortunately creates confusion amongst the public and also confusion and distrust among allied health providers. Fortunately, however, their numbers are not great and the strength of past and current research bodes well for future multi-modal and collaborative chiropractic care.


Dr. Mark Strudwick is a third-generation chiropractor in Victoria, B.C.


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