Assessing Movement

The FMS (Functional Movement System) is a movement screen that was developed by world-renown physiotherapists several years ago to assess movement. It’s intention is to be an indicator and/or baseline of where someone’s movement abilities currently are, based upon 7 movement patterns that are key to daily mobility. It has been used for a couple decades now by teams at all levels across many sports to get an idea of how the individual athletes move pre-season and then if any dysfunctions are noted, corrective exercises can be prescribed. The individual can be screened again after a pre-determinate period to chart progress. The FMS has filtered down to the general population now and is accessible to anyone by those trained in its application and interpretation. It is very possible for one to be fit, but not functional: can you touch your toes with feet together and bend only from the waist? How about do a deep squat with arms overhead and squat down to near the floor while keeping the arms in the same plane? 


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The SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) is a diagnostic system to determine the area causing pain using movement patterns. After this has been done a local biomechanical exam can be done and then the area treated. Later, corrective exercises are implemented to strengthen in order to either aid mobility or stabilize the area.

Few chiropractors in Victoria have been certified for both these courses and I find the material relevant and useful from the get-go. It is essentially another tool in the “tool box” for my work in my effort to improve patient outcomes. You can read more about the FMS and SFMA at

Dr. Mark Strudwick is a third-generation chiropractor in Victoria, B.C.


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